Dalgona espresso recipe | make dalgona espresso with out machine | trending dalgona espresso recipe

Dalgona espresso is a one in all bests espresso as nicely creamy and engaging. The feel of whipped espresso is thoughts blowing.

To make dalgona espresso You will have
2 tbsn of immediate espresso, 2 tbsp of sugar, and a pair of tbsp of heat water for a One cup Dalgona espresso.

The ratio for whipped espresso must be 1:1:1 to make an ideal dalgona espresso.

Step 1 : take a giant mixing bowl and blend all components into it.

Step 2 : whisk the combination untill it turn into thik and creamy .

Step 3 : add 2 cubes of ice into the glass and fulfil 3/Four cup glass of milk into the glass.

Step 4 : now add that whipped espresso on the highest of the glass and spring some espresso powder additionally.

Then chill and revel in it.

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